To Become a Reptilian Wolf to transition to Kindle Vella

 Hello folks,

We are transitioning to Kindle Vella, a Wattpad of sort launched by Amazon. 

The service is still in Beta and will be extended to more territories with time.

The first three episodes are free and 'tokens' are used to unlock the rest.

We will be posting episodes biweekly on the new platform.

Our main priority right now is to find the audience that will like our works and engage with us over stories and characters and the craft of writing.

As underground authors without social media following or personal profiles, the best we could do to be found is to share stories in bite-sized chunks within platforms focused on reading literary work, and Kindle Vella is the best fit right now.

We hope you will follow us on this journey.

Our website and social media are still active and routinely updated. We hope to be more active and efficiently engaged in them as time and talent permit.