Read First, Buy Later

The works of the Werths is distributed on a “read first, buy later” principle. 

This means that you, as a potential and first reader, have the possibility of getting this book for free on Leanpub, or copying/borrowing the book of a friend with the blessing of the collective. 

If you read it and found something in the work, then we ask you to please consider supporting it on the internet or sharing it with your entourage. We hope our art would organically reach interested people, and that our readers would support us by sharing whatever they could share. Do not underestimate the impact of an insightful comment, whether positive or negative, and a cheer or a mention on social media; they go a long way. 

If you can afford financial support and think this book and the Werths writings are worth an investment, please consider buying an ebook copy from the Leanpub website, or the book (paperback or ebook) from Amazon. 

Please note that while Leanpub doesn’t offer paperback editions, it allows flexibility in the price of the book and provides better margin of profits to the authorship. Consequently, you can pay what you can and the collective gets a significant portion of the profits. 

We appreciate your patronage in any capacity; it allows us to bring more books to the public and elevate the quality of our work.