R.W. I: A Folie in New York [Explicit Sexual Content]

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It's the first hours of 2023 and we come bearing fruits already: A Folie in New York, the first volume of Reptilian Wolf. Xherdan Werth has been the main catalyst of this project, and the one bringing it to fruition. They used the Kindle Vella experience to polish the text and enrich the content. We couldn't be happier with how this narrative has morphed and unraveled since last year. 

Just like Came the Hoopoe, in an effort to reach out more readers, we decided to enroll the novella in the KDP select program, which means Amazon gets an exclusive release for the first three months. We are still committed to our "Read First, Buy Later" principle and will be releasing free copies on other platforms. Enrolling in our newsletter will allow you to get the latest updates and releases.

A Folie in New York is available on Amazon as a paperback and on the Kindle.

Diorama by Katherine Conrad
Photo by Spider Palace 

The reader is advised the sexual passages are written in an explicit manner.

It's the 90s in the Wicked City. In the underground gay scene, amidst troubled times of illness and social threats, Josef is a versed hunter and an avant-garde musician. Live performances, intercourse degustation, solitary creative endeavors… He's got plans on several fronts and knows enough to be calculating, sure and discerning. He spots Mo and decides there is potential for a carnal and finite dance.

As a byproduct of X. research, we stumbled upon humbling portraits of unsung heroes from the AIDS pandemic. This novella features Doug Glaze, an impressive gay activist during the 80s and 90s from Kansas. Here is a tribute to one of the longest surviving HIV carriers at that time. Donations in the name of Doug to Positive Directions, one of the main and still existing NGOs he was involved with, are deeply appreciated.

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