A.B. I : To Be Prince on Maui is Out

 Hey fine folks,

To Be Prince on Maui is the first book of The Apprentice's Butler series and is finally out on a "Read First, Buy Later" principle.

It is available for free on Leanpub (just pick $0 and add it to the cart, then checkout) in Epub, Mobi and Pdf formats.

It is also available on Amazon as a paperback and on the Kindle.

DISCLAIMER: The potential reader is advised there are references to triggering topics in this book. Domestic violence, self-harm, ethnic and religious persecution, genocide, sexual abuse, unhealthy relationships and immigration trauma are excruciating and real parts of the lives of multiple households. They are rancid stigmas within societies that pretend to civilized, humane and egalitarian values.

While this book is not meant to provide education or an objective approach to these issues and how to tackle them, the Werths hope acknowledging the events and their vicious impact will bridge a way to empathize with survivors and hopefully catalyze an interest in getting properly educated, active and involved.

The second book of the series, In the Middle Lies the River, will be available on the week-end of the 12th December.

Cover art by Ann Sheng 

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