To Become a Reptilian Wolf - Coming Soon -

 Hey fine folks,

We hope you are all doing well if not fantastic.

It's been a while since we shared any new read. Coordination and priority management are tricky in these strange times.

To make up for it however, we will be launching a 'short story' in the upcoming weeks.

Ahead of the publication of the Stillborn Ecdysis saga, we will be releasing an intimate read on one of our beloved characters from the series. 

To Become a Reptilian Wolf is a five-part story that will be available exclusively and for free on our Medium page. The story follows Philip, a gay New Yorker with distinctive lives between the daylight and the night time. It's the 90s in the Wicked City, he is a versed hunter and a committed musician in a radical and niche subgenre of synthetic wave. As he makes progress on his album, Phil encounters Mo on different occasions, by the Love Alcove, the place where they first fucked and meditates on the nature of their ménage a deux. For better or worse, there is no sustaining such illusions anyway, and Mo will come to the epiphany at his own pace. Freedom is more of an idea in New York than a reality that could be entertained and lived.

Disclaimer: The writing is sexually explicit and treats relationships between consenting gay adults, toxic dynamics as well as being in the closet. The reader is advised there is physical violence and hints of it underneath the narrative as well.

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In the meantime, if you haven't done so, please feel free to check the Capsules' stories available on Medium, Leanpub, Amazon and your favorite online bookshelves. We distribute our work on a Read First, Buy Later principle, so don't hesitate to give the Capsule's works a try.

We look forward to reading your impressions and feedback.