To Become a Reptilian Wolf -Part 1-

Update: Due to the state of Medium, and the presence of a new platform, 'To Become a Reptilian Wolf' has moved to Kindle Vella. You only need an amazon account to read them and the first three episodes are free.

It's New York of the 90s. In the underground gay scene, Phil is a smart hunter and an avant-garde musician. He's got plans on both fronts and knows enough to be calculating, sure and discerning when it comes to solid coinage. He spots Mo by himself and decides there could be potentially a carnal and finite dance for this evening.

Part 1 of To Become a Reptilian Wolf is out on >>Medium<<. It's approximately a 20-min read. The story of Phil is part of the Stillborn Ecdysis saga and is published for free ahead of the books' releases.

Disclaimer: The story is written in explicit manner on the sexual and closeted gay life of the character. Themes of relationships, toxic dynamics and physical violence are present or underneath the narrative.

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